14 years of IBS and after 4 sessions, I felt I had rediscovered what life could be.  Thank you Karen for everything.


I had hypnotherapy with Karen as I was always over-organsisng my life, then often not achieving things I had set out to do, which was having a knock on effect by causing me stress. The stress was manifesting itself in different ways, such as Migraines/headaches and over blinking. The sessions I had with Karen were extremely enlightening, she explained all about the process of hypnotherapy each time I saw her so that I was able to understand why I was behaving the way I was. I thought the hypnosis would be difficult for me, but I found it relaxing and freeing. I now find I am more confident in my abilities and able to handle my stress levels, and most importantly, understand more about my behaviour. I have had very few headaches since and I have made some extremely significant life changes since having the hypnotherapy. Karen is an extremely gentle, nurturing and caring woman and I am so glad I had these sessions with her

I saw Karen for hypnotherapy to help with managing my anger. I was always worrying about things and if something went slightly wrong I would blow it out of proportion and panic. I was unsure what to expect from the sessions, the talking part of the session helped me to see where I was having problems. The trance is very relaxing and therefore you come out of a session feeling very calm. I found Karen professional, caring and although it was not easy, she made the sessions enjoyable.

I was studying for my masters and got to a stage in my dissertation where I felt completely overwhelmed. I knew that I had all the information to complete it, but when I looked at it I just couldn’t see ‘the woods for the trees’. That is when a friend pointed me towards hypnotherapy. From the first session I started to feel calmer, my sleep improved and my confidence increased to a degree that after four sessions I felt ‘on my way’. I still had a mountain to climb to get it finished, but at no point from the end of the therapy till I finished did I ever doubt that I would complete it. I was amazed by my understanding of how my mind worked and why I was feeling the way I did. Karen allowed me to focus on the positive, realise that I had the confidence I needed and removed any doubt I had. I now have my masters and was amazed to have got 70% for my dissertation. I will be returning to Karen this summer to have treatment for my phobia of flying. I am looking forward to it.

Karen has helped me think in a way that is very helpful to me – to build on the positive to look ahead and keep things in perspective. I feel she has given me the resources to make life easier. Sessions with Karen are relaxed, enjoyable and safe. They feel empowering and motivating. She provided me with a CD that I have found really helpful and it assists with the process. Its not a Paul McKenna ‘look into my eyes experience’, but gently going into a relaxed state. I never felt that I lost control. I look forward to the sessions and have found it immensely helpful.