Sports Motivation


Sports Motivation

When looking to get the best performance the need to be as physically fit as you can goes without question. However, the difference between ‘good and excellent’ often boils down to how you manage mentally. For many years professional sportsmen in many sports from athletics to boxing have used hypnotherapy to get the best possible performance.

Hypnotherapy can help you to relax, removing any nerves or worry and boosting confidence about an event. The brain can’t tell the difference between you doing something or imagining doing it. So we utilise the power of you visualising your best performance and tune the mind into success.

Hypnosis can help performance in the following ways:

* Improve performance
* Focus attention
* Reduce anxiety
* Become more confident
* Remove hesitations and doubts
* Improve sports style
* Increase endurance and stamina
* Programme the brain for success
* Mental rehearsal

The therapy will allow you to set goals towards your target. By understanding how the brain works you can get it to work in your favour. Developing a self-hypnosis routine you can manage yourself in the long-term.

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