Weight Loss


“Your body can do anything! It’s your BRAIN you have to convince.”
Health Magazine

Weight Loss

At one time or another in life we all struggle with losing weight. On the surface the solution is simple – ‘eat less and increase our activity level’. There are endless diets out there and at any one time over half the population are probably on one of them.

Hypnotherapy is tremendously successful with weight loss. It works by breaking the cycle of unhealthy eating habits and patterns that we have adopted subconsciously, without even thinking about it. By directly accessing the subconscious we can enable you to take control and change your eating habits. You can then see a permanent change.

As part of the therapy you will gain an understanding of how the mind works, how unhealthy eating habits are created. By working together to set realistic goals, you can change these habits and gain control again. Once you have achieved your ideal weight, we can ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to maintain the changes PERMANENTLY!

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