Sleep Problems/Insomnia


“This can be a debilitating condition that effects 1 in 4 people”

Sleep Problems/Insomnia

Insomnia can be experienced as either difficulty getting off to sleep, or waking repeatedly during the night. This can lead to feelings of irritability, exhaustion, poor memory and concentration. Often a pattern emerges of worry around whether a good night’s sleep is going to happen and this can make the situation worse.

There are many articles in the press around the ideal number of hours sleep a night that we need. Everyone is different and Ian Stanley of the Sleep Clinic who has carried out the most sleep research in this country is adamant ‘the optimal sleep someone needs is the amount that allows them to function to their optimum the next day, below this is not enough.’

Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for insomnia as it helps you to relax, both physically and mentally. The experience of trance in the sessions replicates the process of the Rapid Eye Movement part of your sleep cycle. You will gain an understanding of the cause of insomnia and know how to break the cycle of sleepless nights. You will gain the confidence and skills to take these changes in the future.