Anxiety and Stress


“Stress is like spice – in the right proportion it enhances the flavour of the dish. Too little produces a bland dull meat; too much may choke you.”
Donald Tubesing

Anxiety and Stress

We all experience a small amount of stress and anxiety in our everyday lives and in small degrees that can help us. However, ongoing stress and anxiety will start to have a negative effect on us. This can be physical and emotional.

The Top 5 Symptoms of Stress are as follows:
1) Sleeplessness on a regular basis
2) Fatigue, noticing feeling tired most of the time, even when you’ve done little.
3) In ability to focus and concentrate
4) Irritability with others and self
5) Pains in the joints and headaches.

If you notice that you have any or all of these then you are likely to have ongoing stress and anxiety. Anxiety can manifest itself in different worries; it may be fear of being around other people, it maybe anxiety in specific social situations, or in your relationship with particular people at home, at school or at work.

Hypnotherapy is considered to be a very effective treatment for anxiety and stress. You can expect a thorough explanation as to why people suffer from stress. You will learn how to prevent negative stress, start to identify when your stress increases and how to deal with the situation and how to prevent it reaching that level again.

The treatment is tailored to your needs and is generally between 8 – 12 sessions.