Tinnitus – What can hypnotherapy offer

There is a strange sound ringing in my ears!

Most of the causes of tinnitus are not harmful. The most common cause is nerve damage in the sensitive hearing nerves of the inner ear. These nerves transport sound from the ear to the brain. If they are damaged, or destroyed, an abnormal stream of impulses are produced by the nerves that the brain interprets as a sound. So these impulses cause the noise that is associated with tinnitus.

As we age the nerves become less sensitive and again this can lead to abnormal impulses within the nerve. In younger people, excessive noise can damage the nerves producing the same symptoms.

Other causes can be:

– a build up of earwax
– a middle ear infection
– glue ear
– Meniere’s Disease, a condition affecting parts of the inner ear, this can affect balance.
– a perforated ear drum
– anaemia

Rarer causes can include:

– a head injury
– exposure to a sudden bad noise
– adverse reactions to same medication
– high blood pressure
– an over active thyroid gland

It is important to get medical screening to ensure that any preventable causes or underlying conditions are addressed. Stress does not cause tinnitus, but it can make the symptoms worse.

Treatment by Hypnotherapy

If you find no solutions medically, then you may wish to consider hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy can help in a number of ways:

1) You can learn how to manipulate the sound, changing its nature and pitch and thus ‘tone it down’.
2) By developing the ability to ‘tune out’ to sounds for periods.
3) Having the ability to not pay attention or notice the sounds as much.
4) By managing stress as well as possible the symptoms can be reduced.

In the Free Initial Consultation, you will be given a CD to take home, which will start the process. In subsequent sessions we will start to train the brain to manage the sounds differently.

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