Just One More for the Road!

The English are known throughout the world for our love of drink. Our culture revolves around drink and meeting at the pub. Without a doubt there are upsides to drinking that most of us can associate with. Often we feel more relaxed, we may become more socially confident or even feel funnier. We often talk about great nights out with friends, that have involved alcohol.

Drink becomes a problem when we feel unable to cope without it, or when it stops us from having a normal life. Like any addiction, dependence can creep up on you and it may be hard to acknowledge that you have a problem.

So what are the signs that you are abusing alcohol:

-persistent drinking
-a strong desire to drink
-loss of control
-mood changes
-lack of concentration
-memory blackouts
-a growing tolerance to drink
-lack of interest in other activities

Physical symptoms you may notice include nausea, sweating, anxiety and shaking.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy looks at explaining how the brain works and how addictions develop. Why we find it difficult to make the changes that we need to live happy lives. How sometimes we can get stuck in a cycle of addiction, although logically we know we are not making good choices.

We learn our coping strategies and therefore we can learn to do things differently. Moving forward we look at how we can train the brain to have confidence to make the right choices and cope with periods of stress in different ways. By focusing on making small achievable changes, the brain develops new pathways and suddenly drinking less (or not at all) becomes normal.

At one point you will wonder why alcohol ever caused you any problems in the first place!

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