Easy Weight Loss

In every gossip magazine you look at the front pages and they are covered in photos of various celebrities who have either lost weight or (heaven forbid) put on a few pounds. The dieting game appears to be a full time job that requires all your energy and will power, with a good dose of various instructions from different groups or mentors.

But some celebrities have found the wonders of hypnotherapy. Geri Halliwell used hypnotherapy to slim down post Spice Girls. Orlando Bloom used it to stop his chocolate addiction to shape up for an action film. Nigella Lawson used it to slim down from a size 16 to 12.

What they all found is that when dealing with weight loss, it is not all about what you are putting into your stomach. If that was the case there would not be a multi million pound industry built around it. You have to start with the way you think. We are creatures of habit and the mind likes to respond to life the same way if it can. If in the past having a slice of cake felt nice when you had a coffee, it will encourage you to do it again.

But habits can be broken! The mind determines what we eat. So to lose weight we need to start with the mind. The mind needs to be trained out of bad habits, it has picked up over the years. Hypnotherapy can be one way to train your mind to help with the weight loss process. This combined with healthy eating could be the answer you are looking for.

The most recent celebrity to sing hypnotherapies praises is Lily Allen. She has spoken at length about how her low self esteem led her to make unhealthy eating choices. Rather than addressing the problem, hypnotherapy focused on the solution and what changes she needed to make. She had her hypnotherapy over two years ago, but looking at her latest video she has maintained that weight loss.

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