Want to be happier?

The great think about hypnotherapy is that it is all about the positive, encouraging your brain to start to change to focus on all that is good in life. To help this process, I generally at some point in therapy give my client’s a little exercise to practice at home.

The exercise goes like this. At the end of each day I want you to think about 3 things contain the following:

1) Something you are grateful for.
2) Something you are pleased you did.
3) Something you thought was good.

Now you can choose a combination of each area or focus on just one area, such as being grateful. However, you do need to identify three things each day. I often find this is effective with children, as often they find non-specific questions about the day difficult to answer.

On to the technical bit….. By focusing on the positive, we develop more neurons around happiness in the brain and those neural pathways are made more secure. With practice we can start to appreciate the positives in a day that seems pretty dire on the surface. You will be amazed!

The people at Huffington Post have written a really good article outlining the main principles of the exercise and to find out the details, just click on the link below:


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