Anxiety – What it does to the body

Most of us feel the physical and emotional effects of being anxious. Physically we may notice a racing heart, tightness of the chest, a feeling of dizziness, to name but a few. Emotionally, we may be short of temper, looking out for danger all around, or feeling just miserable.

The lovely people at Huffington Post have put together a diagram that outlines the impact of anxiety on the body and mind. It shows why it is important not to suffer in silence, but seek help. The link to the this diagram is:

When you see it all there. It is amazing that we cope with so much for so long. If you want to see some advice surrounding your anxiety, then contacting a charity, like Anxiety UK can be helpful. Not only do they have a list of accredited therapists, they offer advice and support. With anxiety, as with other difficulties that cause mental distress, you may be amazed at what help is out there if you know where to access it.

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