September is Chronic Pain Awareness Month – Reduced price hypnotherapy for pain sufferers

I have just discovered the wonders of twitter and a whole new world is opening up. I am amazed at the amount of great groups and accounts there are out there for persistent pain.

I am often amazed by the lack of knowledge or understanding that people have about persistent pain and it’s impacts on people’s lives. Having worked in this are for many years, I have heard on countless occasions, “X isn’t that bad, I saw her smiling at the shops yesterday”. I am quick to point out that they then may not see X for many days afterwards, due to the pain they experienced going to the shops.

I know from personal experience that pain is devastating to both the person and those who love and care for them. There are a number of organisations who are on twitter that offer both advice and support. You can find them just by typing in persistent pain in the search engine.

To support Pain Awareness Month, I am offering 8 half price sessions for anyone with pain who books an initial appointment in September. This reduces the cost of therapy from 440 pounds to 200 pounds. An amazing saving and it runs out at the end of the month! Call me on 07463884283 now to book the Free Initial Consultation Now.

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