Hypnotherapy helps with Acting

A client of mine in Exeter kindly gave me a photocopy of a book she had been reading and exclaimed “I couldn’t believe Sheila did it!”

What she was referring too was a paragraph in Sheila Hancock’s autobiography, Just Me. On page 199 onwards she discusses the benefits of hypnotherapy. It appears she discovered hypnotherapy late in her career. Prior to this she had been dogged by crippling nerves before going on stage.

Following hypnotherapy, she describes finding the first night of performing in Cabaret a breeze. In addition, she spoke of how previous to therapy she had mulled over the reviews for days on end. If they were critical she was absolutely devastated. She described lying in bed, staring at the ceiling for days on end crippled with self-denigration.
Afterwards, she did feel bothered by negative comments, but only for a while.

My client found it really inspirational that not only had hypnotherapy helped Sheila Hancock, but the fact that she had only started in her sixties… Never too late!

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