Support of those with OCD

OCD or Obsessional Compulsive Disorder, is a term that is often used these days to describe behaviours or habits that some people exhibit with little real understanding of what it is, and the extent to which it can have a devastating impact on some people’s lives. It is a crippling mental health problem that severely impacts on the functioning and quality of life of those children and adults that suffer from it. It comes in many from serious disabling and debilitating contamination fears, through to horrific and graphic intrusive thoughts that go round and round in the sufferers head with little, if any respite.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can help with many conditions and this includes obsessional thoughts and disturbances, which can sometimes be exacerbated by anxiety.

During our free consultation, I will explain in detail how the brain works and why it might react in the way it does in terms of these kinds of behaviours. With the help of a solution focused approach we look forward more positively and help you to change negative thought patterns to more calmer ones, leaving some of those obsessional behaviours behind as the anxiety and negative thinking reduces.

The feedback in Bovey Tracey and Exeter is often that clients are relieved to learn that there are ways to help themselves and it is something that can often be worked on quickly as they get the hang of how it works and often clients comment on how much they enjoyed the process as well as the result!!!

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