The Importance of Mid-Summer Night’s Dreams

As the light levels and temperatures increase as the summer continues, it is important to manage your sleep effectively. Sleep deprivation can effect us both physically and emotionally……

Sleep is important for us as it allows us to process the events of the day. As a rule of thumb we need one hours sleep for every two hours of wakefulness. Without it we can become forgetful, irritable and difficult to make rational judgements.

Physically, lack of sleep has been linked to hormonal and immune problems. Recent research has indicated that we often eat more sugary food when we are tired and therefore it can contribute towards obesity. Insomnia has also been linked to high blood pressure, accelerated aging, depression, anxiety, strokes and gastro-intestinal problems.

It helps to use what are termed ‘sleep hygiene methods’ and these are where you carry out routines and ensure that they environment is inviting to sleep. Hypnotherapy has the added extra of providing a CD produced to calm and provide a trigger for the brain to know that it is time to sleep.

Hypnotherapy helps those struggling with sleep problems to deal better with the stresses in their lives. I help people to stop unhelpful behaviours and help them to visualise more beneficial ways of coping with situations. If the sleep problem has been there for many years, then you may find that you sleep more deeply once the sessions progress, as the brain de-clutters the backlog.

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